Marvin’s World of Deadheads (World of Deadheads Series)



When Marvin Broudstein is killed by a bus, he assumes that’s it, he’s just…dead. But he soon discovers death is a little more complicated than he thought. In an alternate world, he re-connects with a college buddy who perished in a plane crash and finds a new friend in a young hippie who has been dead since the sixties.

Marvin is trying to learn the ropes in this new and strange world, but thoughts of his fiancée, Jenna Wilson, drive him to distraction. Partly because he blames her for his untimely death, but mostly because he misses her so much, he wants to kill her. Unfortunately, some pesky rules still apply and Marvin is confronted with an agonizing choice—let Jenna live, or face a gruesome eternity.