Mara’s Legacy (The Sisterhood of the Coin Series Book 2)



When Mara Highbridge determines it is time to find her birth parents, she is unprepared for her life to be turned upside down. She faces kidnapping, street gangs, even a reclusive baroness who wants to prevent her achieving her goal. But help is on hand from an old family friend she soon comes to think of as her knight in shining armor.

Barnaby’s attraction to Mara started the moment they met. He knows his past makes it impossible for him to marry her… Yet he will give his life to protect the woman he loves and uses every resource, even his former East End gang, to uncover the history of the fabulous necklace left to her by her mother.

The race is on to find out the truth about everyone and everything, including if Mara and Barnaby’s love will survive the turmoil.