MacIan’s Gift



A bard, Jamie MacIan believes in ghosts and family curses. Nothing else explains the loss of his clan years ago. His wife and newborn son were slaughtered, and he wasn’t there to stop it. When he sets out to restore his ancestral home, he finds more than the reputedly haunted tower. He finds a woman as beautiful and innocent as an angel and more trouble than he ever imagined.

Sarah Clinton tries to be obedient and dutiful, but it’s difficult when one finds oneself in hell. Rather than wed her step-father’s son, she flees and hides in a ruined castle. Discovered by a Scotsman as gorgeous as sin, she can’t trust her savior with the truth. Her uncle, known as the Devil of the Highlands, destroyed Jamie’s clan. Lying in his arms is heaven, though, and she learns more about love than she ever thought possible.

Can Jamie and Sarah learn from the past and trust in love, or will the sins of their ancestors destroy all hope of heaven on earth?