Lovers by Midnight (Monster Ball)



Hexed by two witches in 1805, the ghostly Lt. Jonathan Tempest has been celibate for over two hundred years. To break the curse, he must attend the coveted Monster Ball and seduce his reincarnated fiancée by midnight or suffer a grim fate. But these witches don’t play fair, and with a mumbled incantation, his odds of making a connection plummet. He now resembles a human frog. Good thing costumes are encouraged.

Bethany Julian isn’t looking for a happily ever after with a prince. All she wants is a one-night stand at the Monster Ball. Sick of being mistreated by handsome men, she chooses a man who is kind rather than hot. But there’s more to the lieutenant than meets the eye, and she finds herself swept off her feet—and into his arms.

Chased by security and demons and threatened by witches, Tempest and Beth are on the run as the clock ticks. Only time will tell if their physical attraction can break the curse forever…