Lord Darkwood’s Revenge



A decade ago, Douglas Scott, the elusive Lord Darkwood, survived a horrendous accident that left him with both physical and emotional scars. Abandoned by his beautiful fiancée at his darkest moment, he turns his back on society, embracing a hermit lifestyle, until an unexpected meeting awakes a desperate need for revenge.

Unaware of Lord Darkwood’s wicked plans, Wendolyne Russell travels to his crumbling manor in the middle of the dark forest to be the companion to Douglas’s sickly, bedridden elderly aunt. Used as a servant by her parents, Wendy easily adapts to a similar role at her new home, slowly awakening the once grand manor.

Thrown together, the beast learns to yield and the mouse learns to roar, and Douglas and Wendy find themselves warming to each other—to the point of flames. But danger lurks. Douglas’s accident was an unsuccessful murder attempt, and the murderer returns to finish what he started.