Lethal Landing (The Sisters in Peril Trilogy Book 2)



Corporate lawyer Damien Sharpe is tasked by his top client to find her unknown granddaughter, Arianna Choktaw. Finding the hot-air balloon pilot is simple, but getting her to meet with her paternal grandmother problematic. Add in a death threat against Damien that endangers Ari, and they must depend on both her piloting and survival skills to live through a crash landing in the Arizona desert.

In Ari, Damien finally meets a woman who helps him find freedom and love. Yet, when her life is threatened, he keeps her safe by walking away. Ari has sworn she will never let a man flit in and out of her life the way her father had. When Damien finds a way into her guarded heart and then leaves her, she locks him out. Only a new threat to Damien moves her from her determination.

Will she risk her heart to rescue him, knowing he might still disappear?