Leath’s Legacy



After years of financial struggle, Leath Robson and her brother are ecstatic when they’re willed a property in northern New Zealand. It brings highly sought after security. But Leath struggles with guilt when she discovers their benefactor spent her last years alone in a nursing home. Who was this mystery woman? And why is there suddenly a large offer for the property?

Kirk Buchanan left the family farm years ago to find his own way. Summoned home, he’s devastated to find his father suffering from Alzheimer’s. Hearing his dad often visits his childhood home, Kirk resolves to purchase it, wanting to give his dad some measure of comfort. He doesn’t expect the new owners to turn down his generous offer. Nor does he expect to be attracted to the fiery Leath.

As Leath encounters Kirk time and again, her initial distrust slowly changes into a far deeper feeling. Despite this, her focus is on finding who left her and Rob the land. Kirk realizes that maybe who owns the property isn’t as important as matters of the heart. Will these parallel journeys bring them together or tear them apart?