Last Doll Standing



It’s three years after the explosion that made her husband’s mistress, Katelyn, disappear, and Cece has finally put her life back together—until her seventeen-year-old daughter, Josie, goes missing. Josie is a prima ballerina in the New York ballet. The police suspect her mystery boyfriend is the culprit for her disappearance, but her parents know she’d never sacrifice her first major performance to run off with a boy.

When Katelyn returns and threatens Cece’s family with promises of revenge, Cece must woman-up with her old partner in crime who banished Katelyn from their lives in the first place. Katelyn demands proof to clear her name so she can return to her life in New York, but if Cece gives Katelyn what she wants, she risks a life behind bars. And, if she doesn’t, it could mean her daughter’s life.