Lady and the Pack (Line of Lilith Book 2)



Kayla Taylor isn’t looking for a relationship. She’s used to her quiet bubble of school, work, and staying far away from her dysfunctional parents. But landing her dream job with the local werewolf pack brings on a new murderous world of crazy that makes her relationship with her parents look like a walk in the park.

Pack member Patrick Belman tells Kayla she has a new boyfriend, and he’s it. In the midst of their happily ever after Kayla discovers a civil war among the wolves that has been brewing since the Garden of Eden, and her undiscovered lineage is the final prize. Kayla is pulled into the world of the wolves by the bonds of love and family, something she had longed for since her childhood.

But sometimes, she just wants her nice little bubble back.

This book was previously self-published by the author and has been heavily edited.