Killer Love Boxed Edition



This Digital Boxed Edition Contains 4 Stories

Nothing to Fear – A Novel
Jade DiMarco’s dreams of ‘happily ever after’ are shattered the night she discovers her husband is a psychotic criminal. After his attempt on her life, she is forced to begin a new life in the Witness Protection Program.

Luke Butler’s undercover FBI operation has gone to hell. He is forced to take matters into his own hands. He follows Jade to her new location and attempts to discover if she’s as innocent as she seems or if she’s somehow involved in her husband’s illegal activities.

Jade and Luke fight the passion that blooms between them…passion that has no chance of survival in a deadly game where there are no winners…only survivors.

Truly Madly – A Novella
A broken heart drove her away–a family tragedy brought her back.
After her parents’ murder/suicide, Isabelle Connelly returns to her home town to settle their estate. But a year later, she’s a suspect in a murder and mysterious house fire.
Someone is out to frame Isabelle for the crimes. Failing that, it appears they plan to make Isabelle their next victim.

Tears of the Wounded – A Short Novel
Can their love survive a hostile teenager and a madman bent on revenge?

After a violent incident in her past, Abby Bishop wants nothing more than to live in peace. She wants it so badly, she ends a relationship with the man she loves to avoid conflict with his resentful fourteen-year-old daughter.

Wil Garrett gave up his career as a bomb squad officer for his daughter, who needed him safe and alive, after losing her mother to suicide. But when evil invades their small coastal town, Wil is plunged back into the violent past he left behind. Now, he must break the promise he made to the two people he loves most in the world…in order to save their lives.

Poetic Injustice – A Short Novel
When Detective Samantha Colby lands the high profile murder case of a celebrity television judge, she’s determined to solve the crime quickly. Not only to stop a killer, but it might just earn her that promotion she’s worked so hard for.

Medical Examiner Dexter Hawkins is a Harley riding, smooth-talking, bad boy. One look at him raises all sorts of red flags for Samantha. Long ago, she learned all she needed to know about his type, but it took a painful divorce to drive the lesson home.

Even though she knows better, Samantha finds herself growing more attracted to Dex each day. She soon learns that summoning the willpower to stay away from him might prove as difficult as catching a killer.