Key to Her Heart (Hearts on the Line Book 2)



It’s true. What doesn’t kill you…

Evan Giamatti is on top of the world. Finally, the woman he’s hungered for is in his arms and his bed. Life is good. No, check that. Life is fantastic. Until he’s blindsided when a phone call sets a series of unthinkable events in motion, testing the strength of their relationship. Amid the turmoil, Evan must make a huge decision about his future while protecting their new love—and Erynne.

Erynne Sommers didn’t expect to fall in love again. Who would after what she’d been through? Then Evan entered her life like a storm holding the key to her tattered heart. Unable to resist their mutual attraction, Erynne takes the leap, trusting Evan to cherish her heart. Thing is, she didn’t expect the universe to test their love so soon.