Katy’s Song



Two years after the death of his wife and child, multi-award winning musician and Seattleite Noe Burke is ready for love and commitment. But the women he attracts seem interested only in his celebrity, so he decides to concentrate on his health and takes a hiatus at his cabin on Bainbridge Island, Washington.
Thirty-something vegan Katy enjoys experimenting with recipes and volunteering at an equine therapy center in Fort Worth. She dreams of building an animal sanctuary, but money’s tight, and options are dwindling.
When Noe encounters Katy on a vegan forum, he hires her as his consultant, offering a generous salary along with an all-expense-paid trip to Seattle. But his best friend Rebecca suspects he is dangerously close to handing his heart to the wrong woman, and she begins to manipulate their relationship.
Can the two lovers overcome her scheming, or will her interference destroy their chance at happiness?