Journey to Reunion (Discerning Hearts Book 4)



UNRAVELED…that’s how Meg is seeing her life. The quiet, academic world she’s built for herself and her daughter is safe, but her college friend Ferrel is deeply disillusioned over the collapse of his long love affair. He needs Meg’s sympathy and support.
Meg’s beautiful daughter Sharon is headed for heartbreak as she searches for the man who abandoned Meg before Sharon was born. Meg dreads the havoc the past will unleash if Sharon is successful.
Topping it off, Meg’s former roommate—also Ferrel’s lost love, Tye—is coming to town, and Meg knows there will be hell to pay at that confrontation. Meg’s reputation, Sharon’s trust, and Tye’s very life could be forfeit when past and present collide.
How can Ferrel, who loves each of them in a special way, derail the catastrophic consequences of a reunion rife with hostility and bring Meg out of her ivory tower at last?