Journey Beyond the Dream (Discerning Hearts Book 2)



LAURIE-LISTS! She’s notorious for them. Whether planning her day or her life, Laurie Howard makes lists and organizes everything. She’s married Andy, the love of her life, planning every detail of the home they will share. Then a visit with her sister, who volunteers at a free clinic, makes her question the narrow role she’s chosen.
With Andy’s encouragement, she explores the idea of going back to school—this time for something more serious than that Mrs. degree she acquired along with her Bachelor’s in Science. If she can manage the load of wife, mother, and student, she’ll be able to add M.D. after her name.
But the world has a way of disrupting plans and lists. When her life takes a tragic turn, Laurie needs all the courage she can muster to live up to her dreams, and the support of her friends and family to journey beyond them.