Jingo Street



Newly minted Oklahoma lawyer Anne Krease, 24, grew up sheltered like a hothouse flower. Sentenced to community service for accidental contempt of court, she encounters the gritty underworld of Jingo Street. There she meets Rosco, a mentally disabled man, and his younger brother, Max.

Max Marcowitz killed his first man when he was eight. After failing in foster care, Max and Rosco were sent to the state boys home. Years later, they escaped and vanished into the streets. A natural con artist, Max did whatever was necessary to support himself and Rosco. Now 36, notorious, charming, and semi-retired, Max meets Anne, who sees in him a goodness no one has before.

Badly mismatched, the chemistry between Max and Anne sizzles. But when Anne’s life is threatened, Max makes a choice out of love that all but destroys the hope of having a life together.