Jeremy’s Home & There’s Always Hope



Jeremy’s Home

Jeremy Macgregor arrived home with his almost-fiancée only to find the town of Sweetwater means more to him then the woman on his arm. Some of the shine becomes gloss when seen in the light of his brother’s new lives as family men. Realizing in time his real ambitions, Jeremy decides to stay in Sweetwater and help in its potential to prosperity. Something he is placing all his aspirations on.

Faith is seeking a safe place for her closest friend after a horrifying attack on them both. Knowing Charity will be safe with Callie Harrison, Faith prepares herself to continue on in life alone. Unable to be part of the ever-increasing group of graduates from the St. Michaels Foundling Home gathering near Sweetwater, Kansas.

Is it possible two such different people can find themselves entwined in the same goals? Can find their lives meeting and joining even when consequences no one could have seen coming may push them apart?

There’s Always Hope

Hope St. Michaels dedicated her life to teaching. Knowing she would never marry and have children of her own, she wanted to repay what she felt she had received from the nuns at New York’s St. Michaels Foundling Home. Having been asked to become the new teacher for Sweetwater, Kansas, where so many of her fellow orphans were living was more than she could ever imagine. She knew she would be welcomed and accepted by those already familiar with her disfigurement.

Bounty hunter, Coyote Wilder, felt a twinge of regret for placing an unaware and unsuspecting young lady in a position of danger. But he needed to recapture a desperate criminal who would wreak havoc on hundreds of others. Possibly going on for another ten years before being captured again. He would need to protect her while waiting for the dangerous felon.

Two people from such different worlds meet and together find the freedom neither thought they would ever have to be themselves. To find love and make amends for past misjudgments.