Infinite Choices



Lt. Mitch Montero of the Philadelphia P.D. does not count romance as part of his life. Work is essential for Dr. Carisa MacDowell to handling her financial woes. Their collision on the street changes everything.

Forced onto medical leave, Mitch invites the beautiful doctor to his family’s estate in Geneva, New York. A whirlwind of events envelop them involving Mitch’s overbearing sister, a lecherous cousin, and a teenager harboring his pregnant girlfriend. To add to Mitch’s problems, his father looks like ash, and the dog’s teeth keep falling out.

Nothing prepares them for the murder of the groundskeeper. Their investigation leads to a child abduction enterprise and a fight for a child’s life. Never more than now are Carisa’s ER skills tested.

Will the chaos cease long enough for Mitch and Carisa to explore their growing attraction?