Dinah Carter thought it nothing more than a chance encounter the night she met handsome construction company owner Anthony Farese.  But seventy-two hours later, her husband was dead. In her grief Dinah made no connection. Just as she was beginning to piece her shattered life back together, the enigmatic Anthony began to pursue her.

For Anthony Farese, family came first and business a close second. But family and business both went out the window the moment he saw Dinah. What she failed to understand was powerful men in New York do move fast. Especially when their lives were tangled in a dark web of deceit.

Amid unfolding scandals at City Hall involving crooked construction contractors, Dinah discovers Anthony has deceived and seduced her. Feeling she has no choice, Dinah joins forces with her late husband’s partner, Greg Patterson, to uncover evidence Greg insists her husband obtained just before his death. Dinah finds the evidence. But once in her hands, it places her in more danger than she could have ever imagined.