Hide and Seek



Caprice O’Brien is on the run. Carrying records that prove her ex-husband committed murder, she and her young son flee their home. But before she can give the evidence to the FBI, her car dies, leaving her stranded at a gas station. An unlocked motor home seems like the perfect escape route.

Headed north to rescue his father from a hurricane, Holt LeBerger is stunned when he finds a woman and her child stowing away in his RV. He’s tempted to leave the auburn-haired beauty on the roadside, but can’t abandon a woman in peril.

Holt agrees to help, but his take-charge attitude infuriates Caprice. She refuses to surrender control of her destiny to anyone. Burned by divorce, Holt will never risk his heart again. But as they dodge the thugs chasing them, sparks fly. Can they break the chains of distrust and fear holding them hostage and find love?