He Loves Lucy (The Outlaws of Eden, Maine)



Sheriff Jake Langley is juggling too many things. He’s raising twins, locked in a custody battle, and his housekeeper is missing. He needs an administrative assistant—or a wife. What he gets is an imaginative but misguided nanny who creates chaos in his home and lust in his heart.

Lucy Outlaw wants to set the journalistic world on its ear and prove she’s ready for prime time…just as soon as she finds a job. In the meantime, she can’t resist a temporary position taking care of Jake’s darling twins, especially since she’s long worshiped the sheriff from afar.

When a local developer is found murdered near the Blackbird Reservation, Lucy is determined to cover the story, even though Jake is equally determined to keep her out of danger—and out of his heart. Can Jake win the battle? Or will he discover the real victory lies in loving Lucy?