Having a Ball! (Adventures in Ghostsitting Book 4)



Danner Tenley’s stroll through a thrift store nets her a fortune-telling ball that reminds her of her youth. It’s all fun and games until it starts using her name and giving her very direct messages. But that’s nothing compared to the completely rude gnome with a perma-smile who pops out of her wall to tell her how to use the ball. On top of that, a troll has threatened to take over Danner’s life if he doesn’t get a certain book.

Toby Nelson, Danner’s friend and landlord, doesn’t know what he’s being roped into, but if she needs help, he’ll be there for her. Meeting a gnome is quite the experience, and fighting a troll is something he’s not looking forward to; falling in love with his best friend isn’t even on his radar.

In a race against time, Danner has only a bad-tempered gnome and her hunky landlord to help her. How bad can it be?