Half Past Mourning (Santa Rita Series)



An hour after her wedding, Nina’s new husband and his ’55 Thunderbird disappear, and the search for him is inconclusive, leaving her married but alone with no answers as to what happened. Waiting for word from him, wondering where he is, she has no real future until she spies his car in a parking lot and starts asking questions.
When Professor Peter Shayne uncovers a driver’s license concealed in the trunk of the T-Bird he’s just purchased, he tracks down Nina for more information. As they follow clues together, Peter finds himself attracted to this woman, but what if they locate her husband? How can he declare his love for her if she’s still married?
Torn and confused by the unfolding secrets of the boy she loved and married, Nina doubts she can trust her growing feelings for Peter. She must discover her husband’s whereabouts, even if the truth hurts.