Haint Misbehavin’



Fairy tales do come true, whether you like it or not. Reclusive artist Annabelle Browder is well aware she has mixed blood. Non-human blood. Her family barely survived the last encounter with the Fae. Assured that no further contact is possible, she chooses a beautiful Norse/Celtic jewel from the stolen treasure trove of her Irish ancestor.

But as soon as the pendant settles against her breasts, the games begin anew. First chanting only she can hear. Then intense visions of a dark angry warrior who hijacks her art, her life and her heart.
Then her kinsman is kidnapped.

This time the Fae will not be denied. To protect her family and regain her life, she must discover what happened to the Fae king’s heir, missing for a millennium. Aided only by a ditsy pixie, she searches the UK for him, one step ahead of pale assassins.