Grave Shifter: Shades of Black (Shades of Black: Grave Distinction Series)



Fans of Darynda Jones will ADORE this. This one kept me glued to my e-reader and I can’t wait for the next!”

All good graves must come to an end…

Assassin Penelope always follows her gut. Left for dead by her traitorous vampire lover and a power-hungry dark lord, she’s spent five centuries hiding in one small cemetery after another. But she cannot ignore a summons from the Council. The order-a sanctioned execution of the dark lord…and her ex-lover.

Sending Penelope to the grave wasn’t the first hard choice Galen made for survival. It was the first he made for someone else’s. Blinded and tortured for allowing her escape, he negotiated for his life, all the while planning for redemption and revenge.

At his villa in the Greek islands, chemistry re-ignites. She suspects he’s hiding part of his plan for destroying the dark lord feeding off the power of grave shifters, but her gut says trust him. Galen’s feelings for the clumsy, foul-mouthed Penelope never fade. But can he earn her forgiveness for what he’s going to do next?