For Love and Cheesecake (Ivy Morris Mysteries)



It’s a recipe for disaster…
Take one incurable womanizer
Mix in one pregnant mistress and one delusional fiancée
Add a dash of chef gone haywire
Stir in one newly assertive shop assistant
Toss with an amateur sleuth who doesn’t want to get involved and the love of her life who is in up to the tips of his spiky hair
And garnish with a couple of detectives who are not amused.
Serves one crazy, homicidal maniac.

Ivy is back and she’s stellar, except for trying to kick a nagging cold and the bad habit of being in the middle of every Martha’s Point murder. Unfortunately, they’re both kicking her as she is harangued by her favorite chef to find out who torched his restaurant and one of his waiters along with it. Ivy knows what she should do, but when has that ever stopped her from wading in? Only this time she could very well sacrifice everything…for love and cheesecake.