Every Heart Has Its Day



Kasey Cameron, a fourteenth-century Scottish lass, curses herself as a fool for believing the Mackintosh warrior. He has sworn, despite their clans’ feud, he loves her and will claim her. As she waits, her clansmen kill those she holds dear as well as disuse and abuse her. Trust and hope fade with each sunset.

Connor Mackintosh, his clan’s tanist, would wait no longer. Nigh on three years before, fate introduced him to the lady of the falls. His clan needed her spirit. He craved her touch. The time had come to claim his heart’s desire.

With his brothers’ lives—and hearts—at risk, the hunter and the healer reunite. Connor finds a mere shadow of the woman he loved. Kasey fears the harm he could inflict upon her, yet dreams he will teach her to believe in love again.