Eden’s Sins



One impetuous love spell should’ve had Jovan Hause dancing with destiny. Instead, she found herself flat on her back with no memory of her past. Her future looking royally smashing as she gazed into the perilous blue eyes of the man of her dreams until she passed out.

Tired of chasing one ghoul in a city of walking cadavers, André St. James found someone much more intriguing to pursue after being tossed on his royal behind. Drawn to the unconscious beauty, he knew one way to wake her: True love’s kiss. The silly tale worked, just not the way he’d hoped.
Together they’d killed monsters, found a number of Eden’s Sins quite divine, and made plans for a future. Fate however, had other ideas. Maybe, with a wee bit of magic, mayhem, and a beautiful blue moon they’d find their way back to each other, kiss, and make up. Maybe…