Echoes in the Storm



A melancholy Darla Hennessy struggles to be happy for her best friend in her role as the maid of honor in her fairy-tale wedding. A last-minute wedding party change pairs Darla with her ex-boyfriend, rocker Eric Boyd. Now, she has to face him, and the realization that he’s happily moved on without her.

Having to be near the ex-girlfriend who dumped him, even for only a few hours, sours Eric Boyd’s mood. The appearance of another of her exes, who seems interested in a reunion with Darla, and her responsive attentiveness only amplifies Eric’s anger. All he wants is to get this weekend over with, head home, and nurse his broken heart.

When the groom goes missing, Darla and Eric put aside their animosity to work together to search for him. But their quest leads them into danger. Will this once-loving couple overcome their resentment and admit their love? Or will they perish before they come to their senses?