Easy A



A passing grade is not the only reward…

College playboy Fraser Tillman is spoiled and rich, but his father has laid down the law. Pass all his classes or else. The moment he sets eyes on his sexy new tutor, he has just one goal—get her naked and in his bed. She has a different goal—get him to ace literature. Passing is enough…until she makes him an offer he can’t refuse.

Literature major Nicole Eckels has perfect grades and has no intention of letting her undeniable attraction to the gorgeous frat boy stand in her way of a perfect record. A little extra motivation is all he needs, and she has the most delicious way to get them both what they want. If he raises his grades, she’ll give him what he desires—mind-blowing sex, just for fun, no strings attached.

But when the semester ends and grades are in, both realize they’ve failed…at keeping things simple.