Dune Road



Dune Road, gateway to the Hamptons, where the rich come to play.

When Cole spots Ashleigh on Dune Road, staring out at the ocean, her vulnerability calls to him. A playboy at heart, he wrestles with developing feelings he doesn’t understand. But he’s also hiding a secret–he’s not who Ashleigh thinks he is–and someone is trying to kill him.

Wary of strangers and struggling with ghosts from the past, Ashleigh fights her attraction to Cole. Will she lose him when she tells him that for her it’s marriage or nothing?

When Cole realizes just how different Ashleigh is from the women he usually dates, he not only puts himself in danger, but her as well. Ashleigh and Cole are both keeping secrets. Will those secrets tear them apart? Or bring them closer together before the killer has time to cover his tracks?