Lady Katerina is the independent, headstrong heir to the Latharian throne, the one to fulfill the prophecy and defeat Black magic. When betrayal and a violent Awakening transforms her own magical Dragonstone Black, she vanquishes it, rendering her virtually powerless. Now, after a three year sojourn, she returns to claim her crown and discovers sinister forces are working against her. Though able to handle a weapon as well as any man, Katerina reluctantly agrees to a personal guard. Amongst the candidates, one man emerges, the handsome but infuriating knight, Sir Logan Shepherd. Can she trust him with her secrets? Logan harbors secrets of his own. He needs to break through Katerina’s defenses to earn her trust. However, Katerina is proving to be maddening as well as captivating. Can he fulfill his duty and keep his heart? Unless the prophecy is fulfilled, Latharia will be destroyed. To fulfill the prophecy, the truth must be revealed. Revealing the truth could destroy everything.