Dragon Prince (The Dragon Spawn Chronicles Book 2)



Alone and shrouded in darkness, Robert the Dark is a sorcerer without dreams—feared and despised for the power he wields. Many seek to steal his magic, but only one holds the key to his heart. And only one shall be bound to him in body and spirit—destined forever to cool his flame and light the shadows within his soul

Lady Nessa McGregor, a healer under the dragon priestesses, hides a secret that could lead to her banishment or death. She has waited many years for the young boy Robbie to return, as he promised when he left Nessa with a kiss. But the boy is gone, and in his place stands a dark and powerful sorcerer.

In order to pass the test of death and rebirth, he must find the chosen one. For only as the Dragon Prince will he be able to control the dragons and save humanity.