Double Cross



Attorney Susan Dante has spent her life championing lost-causes, even after landing a job at Lucas and Devine, a prestigious law firm in Boston’s Beacon Hill. Despite working twelve-hour days, she serves paperwork on her latest pro-bono case, a copyright dispute with Torrence Publishing.

Aiden Torrence, owner of Torrence Publishing, is impressed by Susan’s spunk. He promises restitution for her client and delegates the discovery to a long-standing business associate who, unknown to him, is possessed by a creature of the otherworld.

Aiden and Susan can’t deny their attraction and dive into a whirlwind romance. But Susan fears someone, or something, is after her. When Aiden fails to disclose pertinent contracts, she slaps him with a class-action lawsuit, forcing him to slog through a twisted conspiracy of blackmail and murder to rescue her from the heinous entity hell-bent on destroying her.