Do Be Sensible, Miss Wynchcomb



Always so sensible, Constance Wynchcomb, companion to Lady Caddick-Boyle, has lost her heart to the most gallant of gentlemen. At least, that’s how Evan Galsworthy presents himself.

When Evan asks to court Constance, his background is called into question. His mother died in childbirth and the whereabouts of his father is unknown. Her ladyship won’t allow a man of dubious pedigree in her house.

In hot pursuit of his parentage, Evan discovers a family secret that makes him unworthy of Constance’s love. He breaks off their courtship before she learns the painful truth of his past.

Her heart broken, Constance is bereft by Evan’s sudden dismissal of her affections.
When she’s told Evan has gone missing, she does what no sensible woman would do. She goes looking for him to demand an explanation.

Is she prepared for what she will find? Will love be enough to heal their wounds?