Dickens of a Death



Dickens’ Days – an annual event of Victorian decorations and dress, caroling, roasted chestnuts, and this year, murder. The tyrannical Days Coordinator stops at nothing to fulfill his goals. Until death halts him in his tracks.

Katie Sheridan’s best friend Ginger and Ginger’s mother top the suspect list when the victim is found outside their home. The weapon? A potpourri of toxic holiday decorations. No one railroads her friends, so Katie begins snooping.

Detective Dirk Johnson believes keeping Katie safe is difficult even when he’s at her side, but breaks up with her to keep the lead investigator position. He must solve the case within days or turn the file over to a detective with less experience and a direct connection with the mayor. Will small-town politics allow a killer to go free or will Katie and Dirk find a Christmas miracle?