Devil In Cowboy Boots



A sexually frustrated medical transcriber, Mercy Lawrence has one thing on her mind while vacationing in San Antonio, Texas—finding a gorgeous hunk of a man to fulfill her deepest, most secret fantasies. When she meets a dark and devilishly handsome loner, who calls himself Sinner, she’s more than willing to go down in a blaze of glory.

Sinner once led the simple life of a small-time rancher; now he’s an ex-con hell bent on finding the man who framed him and stole two years of his life. When an irresistible distraction walks into his enemy’s lair, his driving need for vengeance is tempered by Mercy, a woman whose suggestive advances and fearless inexperience are beyond temptation.

Can Sinner prove his innocence and still hold heaven in his arms? Or will Mercy have hell to pay after a few hot nights with a Devil in Cowboy Boots?