Deadly Vengeance



When Liv Gunderson, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, discovers a listening device planted in her high-tech company she knows she could lose everything she’s worked for. As the FBI crawls over her top secret facility like a hoard of roaches, her almost-ex shows up. All she needs is that lying, cheating …sigh…hunk of a man to further complicate her life.

He’d been a fool to walk away. Mike had never cheated on Liv, but couldn’t convince her of that. Detective Mike Gunderson bitterly regrets leaving his family for training at Quantico instead of working out their marital issues. He’s home now, and no matter what it takes, he’s determined to regain her trust.

But how can Liv and Mike rebuild their hot yet troubled marriage and survive, when threatened by saboteurs, terrorists and an old ex-con plotting vengeance?