Dare to Dance



Alexandra Reynolds usually looks forward to the reunion with her two best friends. They laughingly call their trio the 3-D club—deceived, discarded, divorced—and have enjoyed helping each other overcome fears and insecurities. But this year it’s her turn to perform, and Riana and Suzette have signed her up to do a burlesque routine at a gentleman’s club. They should know she doesn’t do sexy well. Years as the fat kid in school left her with a physical complex she just can’t shake. Her cheating ex husband certainly didn’t help. Nor did bartender, Matt McCoy, whom she’d carried a torch for in college. He’d never responded to her feeble attempts to flirt, and she’d concluded he didn’t find her sexy enough, but she can’t seem to shake memories of him either. She stumbles down the stage twirling a feather boa and swirling with nerves, only to fall right into Matt’s arms—literally. Will the evening become another brick in her ‘Alex doesn’t do sexy’ wall, or can a simple dare help her triumph over her self-consciousness and her old crush all in one night?