Currently Unchaperoned


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Felicity Abbot is frustrated at yet another London Season denied her. So dreadfully unfair. When an opportunity arises to defy her parents and Society, she sneaks off—unchaperoned—to the neighbors’ party. Surely no one will notice her in the crowd. Now she can finally see what all the fuss is about.

Coerced by his desperate mother, Victor Wyndell is a reluctant guest at the Chesters’ gathering. He must find two things: a bride and something called The Agreement. If he fails, it could mean ruin for both his family and his chances for a decent marriage.

Instead, he finds the enchanting Miss Abbot. She is more than happy to help such an attractive gentleman, provided he assists her in navigating where she doesn’t belong. Together, they discover secrets, scandals, and maybe even love. But can they unearth the mysterious Agreement?