Cupid’s Busted Arrow



USA Today Bestselling Author

The gaping hole in Giselle Baylor’s heart is ten years old and still bleeding. Matthias “Matt” Tyler Hall dumped her before the high school senior prom, and she’s never recovered. Enter Nelly Steeple, a swearing, tattooed, multi-pierced, Shakespeare-hating Cupid to sprinkle life into Giselle’s lack of romance. She must marry Matt before the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve or be alone forever. It would also delay Nelly’s retirement by a century. Not gonna happen even if it means she drags them to the altar.
Picking up where they left off is impossible. Matt, a war photojournalist, has been injured and has a daughter. Giselle is beyond successful and wealthy. Their common ground is in the past. Is it enough to pull them into the future?