Cowboy and the Crusader



Veterinarian Dr. Madison Todd is a woman on a crusade to shut down her town’s major industry—a pulp and paper mill. She believes emissions from it killed her father and no one is going to stop her…not even a handsome blue-eyed cowboy who’s the embodiment of all of her romantic fantasies.

Alberta ranch foreman Clay Archer, who has recently inherited the mill, is just as determined to keep it open. He plans to use the profits to build a state-of-the-art rehab center in his mother’s memory for her sacrifice in marrying the miserly former mill owner to provide a better life for Clay.

Both antagonists have vowed to accomplish their goals—they’re resolved nothing will stop them. But they didn’t count on what happens when a blue-eyed cowboy meets a green-eyed crusader and a wild attraction erupts between this pair of sworn enemies.