Cowboy After Five



Mickey Brandt’s heart is in his nightclub, but the sudden death of his father burdens him with Brandt Enterprises until he can get an administrator. To help manage Mickey’s Place and trace irregularities in the nightclub’s books, he hires Leanne Young as assistant manager.

Leanne is glad of the additional income so she can afford care for her grandmother, once a well-known singer. As she tidies Mickey’s haphazard bookkeeping, she discovers the cause of the club’s financial difficulties and alerts him to the illegal activities going on behind his back. Meanwhile her beloved grandmother shares a secret with Mickey that jeopardizes his budding relationship with Leanne.

Caught between his promise to the grandmother, his admiration for the granddaughter, and an illegal operation threatening the business he built, Mickey realizes he could lose it all—his club, his father’s business, and that strawberry blonde who thinks she has a calculator in place of a heart.