Courting His Royal Highness



Chloe Tanner hopes to launch her career by hosting a reality show about a prince’s quest to find his bride. Things get complicated when she shares a passionate night with a man she later discovers is Prince Maximilian Radborne, the star of Courting His Royal Highness. She’s fallen in love with the world’s most famous bachelor and can’t have him. She isn’t one of the fifteen women vying for his affection, and she’s signed a contract; breaking it could destroy her fledgling career. She doesn’t know if he loves her and can’t risk sabotaging her career. After all, desire doesn’t equal happily-ever-after. But Max can’t forget the night they shared and is determined to make Chloe see they have a future. He devises a plan, using the surprising twists of reality TV to convince her his is a forever love worth all the risks.