Carved in Stone (Ruins and Relics)



A beautiful archeologist. Stones carved by ancient Floridians. A deadly society. It’s one hell of a summer vacation for federal agent Jessie Marchetti.

When ancient engraved stones that may rewrite Florida history are pulled from a construction site, archeologist Dr. Anya Clayborne is called to excavate. After threats are made against Anya and her team, Jesse arrives to secure the dig site and ensure the stones are safe. Security he can handle. His intense feelings for Anya are another matter.

The emergence of a mysterious and deadly society takes the case in an unexpected direction. Now, it’s a race against the clock as people involved with the dig wind up either missing or dead. As the case heats up, so does the attraction between Anya and Jesse. Soon, Jesse will do anything to protect Anya–even if it means killing for the woman he’s come to love.