Broken Ties



Sidra Martin not only can’t remember her childhood before she was found on a Florida roadside and placed in a foster home, she can’t understand why she dislikes—no, make that fears—Christmas trees and anything else to do with the holiday. What is wrong with her?
Sidra’s boss, Private Investigator Levi Tanner, is used to digging up skeletons, but not in his own backyard, so to speak. When he foils the kidnapping of his pretty, unassuming secretary, the skeletons that tumble out of her closet can’t be ignored. Suddenly Sidra is a long-lost princess, and being kidnapped is the least of the dire threats she faces. Levi may be the only one who can keep her safe from the dangers stalking her. Yet while their mutual attraction is undeniable, she must also battle doubts about his motive in protecting her.