Bridesmaid Blues



Trisha Ellison hopes a trip to the San Jose flower market will help her find a bloom exotic enough to suit her picky sister. When events unfold that send Trisha to the market with The Flower Basket’s hunky new driver, Rico Martinez, Trisha wonders if she’s also found a solution to avoid attending her sister’s wedding solo.

Raised by a grandmother soured by servitude to affluent white Californians, Rico Martinez steers clear of fair-haired, filthy rich young ladies. When perky wedding planner Trisha requires more than just his floral expertise to make the wedding she’s planning a success, what’s a sympathetic gentleman to do? Especially since he’s falling for her–big time. Until he discovers she isn’t just a simple, dog-rescuing wedding planner, but the sister of the bride…and daughter of Almendra’s most affluent man!