Blade of Redemption



Lilly Dusalte betrays criminal McKay to the FBI. His revenge—swift and brutal—leaves her broken and dying in a frozen parking lot.
An ancient pagan goddess magically saves Lilly’s life, but that aid won’t be free.

McKay knows she’s still alive. He will come for her.

Pax Harrow, the Sheriff of small town Garnet is furious. He fears collateral damage from McKay if he finds Lilly there.
Unfortunately, an unwelcome attraction to Lily stirs far deeper feelings, and brings out the animal in Pax.

The goddess has a plan. It requires collecting payment for saving Lilly’s life, even if that payment places her in peril again.
The only aid Lilly receives from her peculiar patroness is a weird magical knife.

Pax is there for Lilly, and he has special powers of his own. Will Lilly and Pax be strong enough together to defeat deadly McKay and survive the goddess’s dangerous scheme?