Beneath a Beating Heart



Engrossed in her passion for cataloging antiques in an old home, Liz Baxter encounters the ghost of the original owner. However, Rance Livingston doesn’t believe he’s a ghost. He claims it’s 1901, and she’s his long-lost wife. The harder she tries to convince him she’s not, the more she starts to wish she was.

Rance can’t explain how the woman wearing strange clothes got into his house, or why she insists it’s 2018, but he’s convinced his and Beth’s love was so strong, her spirit would have found a way home to him. He doesn’t care about what happens in the future. He just wants Liz to realize she’s his Beth. His wife.

Through trial and errors and with a love that grows stronger with every encounter, Liz and Rance fight for what they believe will be the happy-ever-after—the other deserves, but will that mean they can be together?