Bein’ Dead Ain’t No Excuse (The Haunted Salon Series Book 4)



When Jolene Claiborne learns her mother has a ticket on Heaven’s long, black train, she’s hell-bent on stopping the Grim Reaper from murdering her mother. Even a stern warning, from her ghost pal, Scarlett Cantrell, about dire consequences should she interfere with Heaven’s plans fails to halt Jolene’s impulsive rush toward disaster. And when an uninvited demon takes up residence in the facial room, a string of near fatal accidents seem posed to remove her mother from among the living.

Desperate, Jolene seeks help from above, but instead finds herself face to face with Hell’s version of the Terminator with a tempting proposition—Jolene’s soul in exchange for her mother’s life. Will Jolene accept the offer and spend eternity in Hell? Or will her mother catch the train for the Golden City in the sky?

And if Jolene makes the ultimate sacrifice will this be the end of Dixieland Salon?