Baked Alaska (Destiny’s Diner Book 1)



Being the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter of a seventh daughter could be somewhat frustrating for Destiny Diane Dickson. Especially since her “special ability” has yet to make itself known. Well, at least she has her diner and somehow always knows just what culinary delight certain customers need.

Carlee Logan is having a day from hell. Instead of a promotion, she’s being transferred to the Siberia of job assignments in Alaska because of a lecherous co-worker and his jealous wife’s connections. As if on cue, the pushy waitress at Destiny’s Diner insists Baked Alaska is just what she needs. Coincidence? Maybe not.

With her first bite, the oddest thing happens. Oh yes, the oddest and most wonderful thing. She’s transported to a snow-covered fantasy with a man who claims they’re engaged. She’s not sure if she’s gone off the deep end, but she’s more than ready for another taste of sexual bliss.